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Video Walls

Video Walls
Display video from one source across many screens. Create video walls in different sizes from 1x2 to 8x8.
Video Wall Controllers
  • Multi-Format HD Video Wall Controller: 2x2

    SPLITMUX-VWC-4HDLC (Front & Back)

    The SPLITMUX® Multi-Format HD Video Wall Controller allows you to display the video from one HDMI, VGA or composite video source across four 1080p HDMI monitors. Two processors can be cascaded to create a video wall up to 3x3 - 9 screens. Additionally, it can be used as a video splitter, video converter and video switch.

  • 4x4 HDMI Multiviewer / Video Matrix Switch / Video Wall Processor

    SPLITMUX-4X4-HDVWC (Front & Back)

    The SPLITMUX® 4x4 HDMI Quad Screen Multiviewer is a multi-purpose high-speed video processing system that can be configured for three different output modes. In Multiview Mode, it is capable of displaying the four video sources in quad, PiP, full screen, or custom display modes, with all four monitors simultaneously displaying the same image. In Matrix Mode, digital HDMI video and audio signals are routed from four HDMI video sources to four displays. In Video Wall Mode, video from a single source is displayed across all four monitors.

Video Walls over IP
  • HDMI Over Gigabit IP Extender with Power over Ethernet (POE): Extend up to 333 Feet

    ST-IPHD-R-2GOPOE (Front & Back)

    The XTENDEX® HDMI Over Gigabit IP Extender multicasts digital video and audio signals to one or more receivers up to 333 feet away over a 1000BASE-T Gigabit Network connected with CAT5e/6/7 cable.

  • 4K HDMI USB KVM Extender Over IP with Video Wall Support

    XTENDEX® ST-IPUSB4K-VW (Local & Remote Unit)

    The XTENDEX® 4K HDMI USB KVM Over IP Extender provides remote KVM (USB keyboard, USB mouse, and 4Kx2K HDMI monitor) access to a USB computer up to 400 feet (122 meters) over a Gigabit network using a single CAT5e/6 cable. The local and remote units can be connected together for a Point-to-Point connection via CAT5e/6 cable or a Point-to-Many connection via a Gigabit network switch. Support for multiple transmitters requires a managed Gigabit network switch. Supports video wall installations from 1x2 to 8x8 screens.

Video Walls via PCIe Graphics Cards
  • 4K DisplayPort/HDMI PCIe Graphics Card, 6-Output


    The PCIE3-4K18GB-6VW 4K DisplayPort/HDMI PCIe Graphics Card drives six monitors from a single slot on a PC with resolutions up to 4096x2160 per output. It enables the user to create video walls up to 3x2. Additionally, it can be used as a video splitter.