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USB to SUN Adapter

Connect SUN USB computer to NTI universal switch, or connect legacy SUN keyboard to SUN USB computer. MTBF: 1,787,159 hrs.
The USB-SUN Adapter connects a SUN USB-enabled computer (SUN Blade 100, 1000, SUN Ray & SUN Fire 280 and other USB-enabled SUN computers) to an NTI old SUN PC KVM Switch. It fully supports special keys on Sun keyboards.
  • Size (In.) WxDxH   (2.5x1.6x1).
  • A .5 meter (1.6 feet) USB Cable (USB-AB-05M) is supplied with adapter.
  • Female 8 pin miniDIN and Female USB Type B connectors.
  • A SKTINT-xx-MM cable connects the unit to the NTI switch.
  • NTI KVM Switches with SUN PC keyboard inputs include the:
    • The ST-xU SUN PC Multi-Platform KVM Switch.
    • The ST-nXm-U SUN PC KVM Matrix Switch.
  • Warranty: 2 years