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Wall Mount LCD Bracket

NTI Part #: ARM-WL-LCD-BR-Group
The LCD monitor arms and mounting brackets allow effortless height, tilt and rotation adjustment of the monitor by hand.
Also known as: LCD Arms, monitor arms, LCD brackets, monitor brackets, flat panel monitor arm, Flat Panel LCD Arms, Flat Screen Arms, LCD Monitor Arm, Wall Mount, Desk Mount, LCD Custom Mounting Solutions.
  • Save desktop space
  • Ergonomic
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  • Load capacity: up to 24 lbs. (11 kg)
  • Range of motion:
    • Monitor side-to-side rotation: 180°.
    • Monitor tilt adjustment: 45° up and 25° down.
    • Portrait/landscape rotation: 90°
  • Includes:
    • VESA 75 mm (3 in) LCD pivot head
    • VESA 75 mm (3 in) to VESA 100 mm (3.9 in) conversion kit
    • Wall mount bracket (with anchor screws)
  • Available Colors: white, black
  • Warranty: two years

Application Drawings

  • Wall Mount LCD Bracket
    Wall Mount LCD Bracket
    ARM-WL-LCD-BR (Side View)

CAD Drawings

  • Wall Mount Bracket for LCD Monitor Arms
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  • Wall Mount LCD Bracket (ARM-WL-LCD-BR)
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NTI Part # Description Reach (in.) Load (lbs.) Color Qty
ARM-WL-LCD-BR Wall Mount LCD Bracket 4 up to 24 White
ARM-WL-LCD-BR-K Wall Mount LCD Bracket 4 up to 24 Black
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